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Amethyst Aura Necklace - C

Amethyst Aura Necklace - C

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High Grade!!! | 28g | 1 oz
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Amethyst Aura (Chain Included)(Ethically Sourced From Brazil)

- Associated With Every Chakra
- Zodiac Affinity: Aquarius & Pisces
- The Stone Of Universal Light
- Inspires Happiness & Joy
- Enhances Energy Flow In The Mind & Body
- Promotes Better Focus, Concentration, & Insight
- Great For Meditation
- Assists With Astral Journeys
- Instills Spiritual Well Being Which Allows One To Feel More Grounded, Centered, & Connected To One's Self
- ... & It's Pretty! 😍


Each and every crystal gem is ethically sourced!!
All stones are intuitively selected.
Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape as they are of nature.
Imperfections may be present.

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