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Clear Quartz Intention Bracelet

Clear Quartz Intention Bracelet

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Clear Quartz Bracelet
High Grade Clear Quartz (Ethically Sourced From Brazil)

- Associated With All Chakras
- Zodiac Affinity: Aries
- A Stone Of Light
- Offers Support For The Nervous System
- Amplifies Energy
- Programmability (Can Be Programmed To Assist In Any Type Of Healing)
- Assistance With Memory Recall
- Heightened Spiritual Awareness
- Great For Meditation
- Chakra Opening
- Communication With Guides
- Past Life Recall
- Polarity Balancing
- Attracting & Sending Love
- Generating Prosperity

Clear Quartz harmonizes with All Other Stones!

If you are using this crystal for energy work on the go, be sure to keep it on the left hand side of your body (left wrist, pocket, etc.). We receive energy on our left and give energy on our right. Be sure to cleanse your crystal in moonlight (you can leave it in your window sill at night) every so often. Full moons are an awesome time for crystal cleansing. You can also use selenite and/or white sage. Remember that your crystal is a tool to help you achieve your goals. Charge your crystal after cleansings by holding them in your left hand and thinking of what you want the crystal to help you with. Once your intention is clear you're good to go!


Each and every crystal gem is ethically sourced!!
All stones are intuitively selected.
Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape as they are of nature.
Imperfections may be present.
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