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Handmade Penguin Totem Animal

Handmade Penguin Totem Animal

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Approximately 8" tall with hat & 4" wide

These handmade Totem Animals were made with so much love so I hope they make you smile. They can be used to bring comfort to little ones, kept in your car, or even as a going away present. Whatever the occasion each penguin will be coupled with the stone of your choice (black moonstone or labradorite) to make the item that much more significant. 

Penguin Totem Animal Themes

- Unfazed by the toughest challenges (the fix-it person)
- Some one who always comes out ahead
- Direct & candid
- Has a hunger for knowledge
- Humanitarians at heart
- A seeker of balance


Black Moonstone (Ethically Sourced From Madagascar)

- Associated With The Root & Crown Chakra
- Zodiac Affinity: Cancer, Libra, & Scorpio
- Stabilizes rocky relationships and assists during teenage angst
- Strengthens concentration for study or creativity 
- Grounding/Encourages calm
- Screens out negative effects of electromagnetic emanations from phones, computers, Wi-Fi, radiation, etc.
- Enables awareness of one’s subconscious & aids in consistent action from one’s intuition
- Encourages a youthful attitude/zest for life

Labradorite (Ethically Sourced From Madagascar)

- Associated With All Chakras
- Zodiac Affinity: Aquarius & Libra
- Amplifies The Effect Of Healing, Prayers, & Affirmations
- A Powerful Protector
- Strengthens faith in self and trust in the universe
- A Shield For Auras
- Aids In Doing Inner Work
- Roots Out Old Negative Patterns
- Enhances Psychic Abilities
- Increases capacity to perceive with the inner eye


Both stones have an affinity for the penguin totem. 

Pattern By: @Amiguruku on Instagram


Each and every crystal gem is ethically sourced!!
All stones are intuitively selected.
Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape as they are of nature.
Imperfections may be present.

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