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Pick Any 2 Tarot Readings

Pick Any 2 Tarot Readings

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Pick any 2 Tarot Readings!!

Approximately 2 to 4 day turnaround.

Consists of: Oracle and Tarot Cards
Clarifying cards will always be used to provide additional messages with the tarot.

Spiritual Reading

* A lesson that keeps repeating in your life
* Why the same lesson keeps repeating
* Something about the lesson you need to face
* How you can face this lesson with an open heart, mind, and soul
* How you can release yourself from repeating the lesson

Love Reading

* Past, Present and Future Energy
* ​You
* Them
* Your Relationship
* Advice
* Likely Outcome

General Reading

* Past
* Present
* Future
* What you need to know at this time
* How to move forward

Financial Reading

* Your current financial situation
* Where new sources of income will come from
* Opportunities to consider
* How these opportunities will benefit you
* Likely outcome

Note: Your Tarot Readings will be video recorded and sent to your email address as 2 separate private links (unlisted video to Youtube). You will be able to access them for up to a week after delivery.


🌙DISCLAIMER🌙 These Tarot Readings are only guidance tools and thus also SOLELY for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! I strive to help you along your spiritual journey by creating an avenue for clarity, however my readings should NOT be used in place of professional, medical, business or legal advice. The Arian Elf Tarot LLC., is not responsible for your actions and behaviors.

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