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Silver Plated Agate With Citrine Necklace

Silver Plated Agate With Citrine Necklace

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High Grade!!! | Approx. 6 - 12g
You will receive the exact item in the photos of your choice.

Silver chain Included
Citrine (Heated Amethyst Ethically Sourced From Brazil)

- Associated With The Solar Plexus Chakra
- Zodiac Affinity: Sagittarius
- Supports Metabolism, Digestion, & Weight Loss
- Stimulates Optimism, Playfulness, & Decisiveness In Difficult Situations
- Enhances Creative Imagination & Manifestation Through Will

Agate (Ethically Sourced From Brazil)

- Grounding
- Zodiac Affinity: Gemini
- Associated With The Root Chakra
- Brings Attention To Dis-ease Hindering Your Wellbeing
- Harmonizes Yin & Yang Energies
- Facilitates The Healing Of Emotional Trauma

Citrine harmonizes with Heliodor, Golden Labradorite, Imperial Topaz, Zincite, Orange Calcite, & Carnelian.

Agate harmonizes with Opal, Onyx, & Carnelian.


Each and every crystal gem is ethically sourced!!
All stones are intuitively selected.
Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape as they are of nature.
Imperfections may be present.

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